°2019 – Birthing a Publishing House

For the love of books...

studiO TvdO is a project started by visual artist Tim van den Oudenhoven. It was first conceived of as the simple extension of the artist's practice as a means to publish his own books, but it soon became an opportunity to expand this vision and turn it into a means to support artists, writers, and artist book makers who in one way or another have a link, be it thematically, visually, or emotionally, to Tim's own works.

At studiO TvdO, supporting authors/artists is of pivotal importance. Artists/authors will be more involved in the production process and the rewards are all equally distributed. The guiding principle here is that ultimately, makers deserve a bigger piece of the pie than what they normally get. studiO TvdO is therefore intended to be run as a zero-sum game for the publishing house. This means that any proceeds the publishing house makes will automatically be invested into new publications of new authors/artists.

The ultimate goal of studiO TvdO is to become a wholly independent publishing house where anything is possible, while retaining the primary goal of supporting artists over profit. The publication library intends to be as diverse as possible: literature, poetry, art, photography, artist's books, and even some subversive cook books could and should be included...

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