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Lena Engel - NullAchtNeun

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In search of places breaking with stereotypical Munich clichés, Lena Engel set out to discover her hometown's greatly unappreciated diversity. She came upon areas, shaped by various cultural influences, being used as temporary spaces. The settings were diverse but they were each threatened by the all-encompassing gentrification process. Her work is a poetic discourse on locations of architectural subculture in the zeitgeist of transformation. This is a documentary of places in danger of disappearing, some of which already no longer exist.

Horror Vacui - Tim van den...

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Double deal! Lena Engel 089...

$30.75 Price

Lena Engel's NullAchtNeun and Tim van den Oudenhoven's Selected works.

Published by as a special edition

UNSEEN - Exhibition Catalogue

$24.60 Price

Hardcover catalogue for the exhibition UNSEEN. 80 pages of documentation.

UNSEEN was specifically conceived to be a virtual experience, to explore the perception of art in times of closed doors and distancing.

Artists: Aidan Wallace, Minna Etein, Tim van den Oudenhoven

Introductory essay by Erik Van Den Storm